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This is a supplemental, informal, reading assessment and online tutoring that offers children and their parents a Safe, Convenient, and Affordable way to frequently monitor their child’s reading level!

Learning to read is the foundation to education and key to building self-confidence. If a child can’t read, it is a major setback to their self-esteem. Low self-esteem acts out in many ways, not the least of which is through ‘bullying’. Bullying is becoming epidemic in America. As a Reading Specialist, I have personally witnessed the low self-esteem of struggling readers, as well as their experiences at the hands of bullies. Most struggling readers lack confidence in themselves.


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Recommended Reading

STEM and literacy skills go hand in hand. Budding scientists, engineers, technology innovators, and mathematicians can’t comprehend scientific concepts if they can’t read. STEM education and reading skills begin early on the path to success. By the end of third grade, students pivot from “learning to read” and begin “reading to learn” for comprehending more complex scientific concepts.

Buckaroo Buckeye™ strongly approves of New World Learning Academy’s partnership of early introduction to STEM concepts, and strengthening reading skills.

Kristin Anderson Cetone, Children’s Author and Reading Specialist

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