Our Story

“I am honored and excited to provide Chandler with an early education academy in which a highly academic and individualized curriculum is taught.”

Tracie Younce, Director

Who We Are

New World Learning Academy Preschool was founded by Mrs. Tracie Younce on the conviction that exceeding expectations in math and science will set up America’s children to make progress in school, their work environment and advanced thinking in the 21st century. We have a strong commitment and dedication to an outstanding advanced education and are thrilled to provide Chandler and the East Valley with a one of a kind STEM Preschool.

Mrs. Younce recognizes that all young people in the United States should be prepared to think deeply and think well so that they have the opportunity to become the innovators, educators, researchers, and the leaders who can solve the most pressing challenges facing our nation and our world. Schools offering thorough, aptitude level educational programs that concentrate on computational thinking, science, innovation, design, and math equip students for advancement and arranged to take initiative parts throughout their lives.


New World Learning Academy focuses on students’ individual learning abilities while emphasizing the social and emotional development of each individual child. Our ambition is to prepare our students for their ever-changing world and to become independent, self-reliant and lifelong learners who make positive contributions for the communities in which they live.

Building a Foundation

Envision that you’re going to assemble a tall, solid building. You’ve chosen the ideal site, arranged the ground, and it’s an ideal opportunity to begin building. Where do you start? You surely don’t put the establishment on the fifth floor. So why would it be a good idea for us to hold up until students are entering elementary school to start taking part in STEM exercises? Students are amazingly dynamic learners in the early years of age, and we can begin constructing their establishment in STEM when they enter this world.

We believe we should empower best practices in STEM from the very beginning. One of the best practices in instructing and learning is to make learning significant, and there is nothing more pertinent than a hands-on investigation of the world we live in.

Pillars of Strength

Our Pillars New World Learning Academy stands by to meet our mission are:

  1. To recognize each child as an individual and employ teaching strategies to ensure all children will experience success at their individual level of learning.
  2. To inspire children to become life-long learners and provide them with the skills necessary for continuous personal, social and academic development.
  3. To encourage children to thrive to become ambassadors in their future endeavors.
  4. To provide our students with talented, qualified and caring teachers who recognize and adapt to children’s individuality and various learning abilities.